Electrical Inspections

SEI is pioneering technology to maximize utility management through software innovations and a skilled data collection team. SEI has developed techniques to capture data from all components of utility networks; distribution lines and structures, transmission lines and structures, right-of-way undergrowth, and substations. SEI not only safely negotiates challenges in the field but also rapidly returns the results back to the customer. The proprietary format used to share inspection results with the customer streamlines work order generation ensuring crews are dispatched quickly and with the tools needed to get the job done right. SEI takes pride in being cheaper, safer and more accurate than traditional inspection techniques; all, of which, keep your highly-skilled crew available for CORRECTING the problem rather than IDENTIFING the problem. SEI, combined with your workforce, is certain to keep the lights on longer.

When the lights eventually go out, caused by severe weather events, SEI stands at the ready to be dispatched to remote areas, areas not easily accessible, or areas where access has been completely cut-off, to safely and quickly inspect sections of the utility network. Our methods have been vetted and compared to results of ground crews and manned aircraft inspections, after the final tally, SEI surpasses these methods in reliability and costs. Our ability to get close-up, high resolution aerial views save countless man hours of hazards and unsafe conditions – walking through rough terrain, managing swollen river beds, avoiding deadly insects and animals. SEI is highly capable to assist in your storm damage assessments.

Large structure inspections – i.e radio towers, water towers, bridges, wind turbines, etc. – are both dangerous, and time consuming. SEI and its fleet of unmanned aircraft safely and carefully eliminate the need to send individuals into hazardous situations to do routine inspections. Aerial photographs allow detailed inspection and/or damage analysis to take place comfortably at your desk and, also, used as a staple for work orders. SEI will give you the tools to quickly identify problems, then accurately dispatch crews with the correct equipment to repair structures the first time. Your crews will be safer and can remain focused solutions to the issues.